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Handmade Polish Pottery, a few things about

Every piece of handmade polish pottery form Boleslawiec is a work of art. That is why we leave the creation of our designs to talented Polish artists.  Handmade Polish Pottery combines a colourful tradition with a fresh breath of modernity, which is what makes our ceramic, stoneware products the perfect choice for people who are looking for originality and beauty at the same time. Used colouring relates to Polish folk tradition and reflects values. The colour blue in all its shades and hues is of particular significance. It’s the colour of creative, intelligent individuals who consciously and actively shape their lives and the reality surrounding them. Blue can stand for the vastness of the ocean or the bright blue sky. It also makes a perfect background for the multitude of flowery patterns found on our handmade stoneware products.

All our handmade Polish pottery dishes such as hand painted stoneware mugs, butter dishes, plates, bowls have been hand picked, reviewed and recommended by our experts and are available to buy via Amazon US.


Polish pottery also is known as Polish stoneware is versatile and very often use in the kitchen and also on the table for its versatility. Polish stoneware dishes can be used easily and safely in the microwave, freezer, oven, and dishwasher along with the food. Polish stoneware is very reliable and resistant to abrasives, scratches, and chipping. It’s easier to maintain as it transmits heat evenly which results in perfect cooking and for being non-sticky, it is easier for cleanup. 

The light patterns never fade and can be combined in thousands of variations. It is the combination of functionality and beauty that makes Polish stoneware dishes so attractive. Stoneware dishes are fired in electric and gas ovens at temperatures above 2,200 degrees Fahrenheit. 

The result is that stoneware will resist aging and provide lasting beauty that will stand the test of time. Polish stoneware is lead and cadmium free. 

Polish stoneware dishes are made and painted by hand in the Boleslawiec region of Poland. This region is famous for its natural unique clay, which artisans have used to make these durable and beautiful dishes for centuries. Each stoneware, ceramic piece is carefully sculpted and hand-painted to ensure that each piece receives exceptional attention to detail. The most beautiful and complex models are called UNIKAT models. 

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